Sticker Lab

By LX86


This page contains a list of images that I've drawn, usually replicating stickers seen in public places.

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All works below is licensed under CC BY 4.0

MTR 9-car sticker MTR Airport-Express phone charging sticker MTR Airport-Express logo MTR ticket machine - 'Press button to take back Octopus card' MTR Automatic Platform Gates (Do not climb) sticker MTR ticket machine - Insert banknote one at a time MTR CCTV recording sticker (1) MTR CCTV recording sticker (2) MTR train door label (Car D040, Door D2) MTR 'Emergency access keep clear' MTR Emergency call button sticker MTR sticker with red background: Break seal and use when in danger MTR sticker with red background: Press seal and use when in danger MTR Escalator: Hold the handrail sticker MTR exit logo MTR Mid-Life Refurbishment Train: First class window sticker MTR Free Wi-Fi sticker MTR sticker: ear symbol MTR sticker: speak symbol MTR Helpline icon MTR sticker: Station staff can be contacted on 2920 2050 MTR sticker: Penalty for improper use $5,000 MTR Light Rail Trespass Signage MTR poster: Move along the platform for easier boarding MTR Emergency Stop and Helpline sticker overlay MTR sticker: Don't bring in any item longer than 130cm MTR sticker: Not in use MTR no smoking sticker MTR sticker: Non-public area, no unauthorized entry. Ex-MTR Escalator notice MTR sticker: Keep hands away from the sliding glass doors MTR sticker: Please use the next door Please use the Help Line on the platform to contact staff or go to the Customer Service Centre in the concourse. MTR sticker: Contact staff if you feel unwell MTR signage at Sung Wong Toi Station: Listing interchange stations of the Tuen Ma Line towards Wu Kai Sha MTR Platform Screen Doors sticker: TML Platform 1 up end MTR Train logo (With Background) MTR Train logo (No Background) MTR Wheelchair sticker MTR sticker: Please operate any motorized wheelchair at a speed equivalent to walking pace MTR sticker: You will need to pay for two separate journeys when using a Single Journey Ticket or QR Code to interchange between Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations KCR signage: Emergency train stop (Arrow pointing towards bottom right) KCR signage: For energy saving, please use other Add Value Machine