Sticker Lab

By LX86


This page contains a list of images that I've drawn, usually replicating stickers seen in public places.

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All works below is licensed under CC BY 4.0

MTR Airport-Express logo MTR Airport-Express phone charging sticker MTR 9-car sticker MTR ticket machine - 'Press button to take back Octopus card' MTR ticket machine - Insert banknote one at a time MTR ticket machine - Insert banknote one at a time MTR Automatic Platform Gates (Do not climb) sticker Prohobited Items sticker MTR CCTV in operation (1) MTR CCTV in operation (2) MTR sticker: Don't bring in any item longer than 130cm MTR no smoking sticker MTR sticker: Non-public area, no unauthorized entry. MTR sticker: Danger! No climbing, risk of falling MTR Sticker: Mind the gap when you board or exit MTR train door label (Car D040, Door D2) MTR 'Emergency access keep clear' MTR Emergency call button sticker MTR sticker: Please look after your belongings MTR sticker with red background: Break seal and use when in danger MTR sticker with red background: Press seal and use when in danger MTR Escalator: Hold the handrail sticker MTR exit logo MTR Mid-Life Refurbishment Train: First class window sticker MTR Free Wi-Fi sticker MTR 'Always hold the Handrail' sticker (Light Rail) MTR sticker: ear symbol MTR sticker: speak symbol MTR Helpline icon MTR Wheelchair sticker MTR sticker: Penalty for improper use $5,000 MTR Light Rail Trespass Signage MTR poster: Move along the platform for easier boarding MTR Emergency Stop and Helpline sticker overlay MTR sticker: Not in use Ex-MTR Escalator notice MTR sticker: Keep hands away from the sliding glass doors MTR sticker: Please use the next door Please use the Help Line on the platform to contact staff or go to the Customer Service Centre in the concourse. MTR sticker: Contact staff if you feel unwell MTR signage at Sung Wong Toi Station: Listing interchange stations of the Tuen Ma Line towards Wu Kai Sha MTR Platform Screen Doors sticker: TML Platform 1 up end MTR Train logo (With Background) MTR Train logo (No Background) MTR sticker: Station staff can be contacted on 2920 2050 MTR sticker: Please operate any motorized wheelchair at a speed equivalent to walking pace MTR sticker: You will need to pay for two separate journeys when using a Single Journey Ticket or QR Code to interchange between Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations KCR signage: Emergency train stop (Arrow pointing towards bottom right) KCR signage: For energy saving, please use other Add Value Machine